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Captain’s Log: December 20th. Two flights today. As I write this, I’m at 34,000 feet (Brad Montgomery), deadheading from Newark to Chicago. From there I’ll operate Chicago to San Diego. I’m gonna have a good load to California: not full (although yesterday I was!), but healthy. And in front of me for the last hour of flight will be Jupiter and Saturn, together as they’ve not been for 800 years!

They’re roughly the same size, but Jupiter will be brighter. Saturn is further away.

This “Great Conjunction” will be an astronomical fact with only the faintest significance to our lives. Still, it feels like a remarkable coincidence, especially given the reality that they will appear to be at their closest tomorrow, on the Winter Solstice. It gives me pause. How about you?

Jupiter earned many titles over his generations at the top of the Roman Pantheon: Maximus, the best and brightest; Imperator, the supreme general; Invictus, unconquered; and Triumphator, one to whom an ovation is given. Importantly, as this infamous year comes to a close and Jupiter dominates the evening sky, he was also known as Elicius, that is, one who brings forth. Think of him bringing rain in a time of drought.

Jupiter’s companion in the sky this evening, looking over his shoulder from behind, is his father, Saturn, the god of sowing seed. And there they are. Closer than we have ever seen them and will ever see them again, at the end of the shortest day of the year and the beginning of the longest night. Father and son, the best and brightest, unconquered at the end of a monumentally difficult 2020, sowing seed, bringing rain, along with the great gift of a fascinating synchronicity. And… hope for peace.

Yeah, it’s a wonder. It gives me pause. How about you?

Tomorrow I’ll re-publish my favorite work: “The Doorways Worn At Sill.” It will be my wish for you as the sun is reborn on Tuesday, a wish for peace, and a holiday greeting to those I love. That’s you.

Thanks for reading!

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