Don’t Be A Pebble – Be A Rock!

A “Symphony of Your Life” blog with Mark Hardcastle

Someone recently lamented that a coworker had died and a week later he’d been replaced. The world kept turning. It was as if he’d never existed. Like a pebble tossed into a pond – small ripples evident for a little while, then nothing. But what happens when you throw in a big rock? I thought about those times as a child when my friends and I had stood on the edges of creeks or ponds and heaved in the biggest rocks we could wrestle. We roared as we contested to see who could make the biggest splash – cascades of water splashing up onto the banks. And if we could manage big enough rocks (and didn’t have the strength to heave it far!) often the tops of the rocks remained visible above the surface of the creek, their presence obvious forever to anyone looking that way. Indeed, those rocks forced the water to change its path as it flowed around them. Which are you today – a pebble or a rock? Which do you aspire to be? Don’t settle for being a pebble. Be a Rock!

The Symphony of Your Life


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MarkĀ graduated from the USAF Academy in 1982. After nine years as a pilot on active duty, he left the military to join a commercial airline. In addition to flying B-777s around the world, Hardcastle spends time in the Rocky Mountains and serves on the artistic staff of the Colorado Childrenā€™s Chorale. He lives in Centennial, Colorado, with his wife and four children. Contact Mark today to schedule a keynote or workshop for your organization!